William Davis




Uiriamu "Wiru" Deivisu







William "Will" Davis is Lina's older brother and an American football player at CCMS. He bullies Joey to keep him away from Lina and puts himself at risk in order to prove himself a better hero than him. In the anime, he is captured by the Skrugg and turned into one himself, with strength comparable to Heroman. However, thanks to the efforts of Joey and Lina, he breaks free from his brainwashing. After the Skrugg's base is destroyed, Will disappears to parts unknown as he knows he cannot live among humans anymore due to his Skrugg condition. However, Will resurfaces to destroy any remaining evidence of the Skrugg while warning Joey that something is coming. Later on in the anime, Will is seen with his Skrugg mutation progressed even further, now covered in chitinous armor. He helps Joey and Heroman with their assault on the resurrected Gogorr.

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